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Fruehauf Chassis Side OS Straightframe

Fruehauf Landing Leg Bracket OS R/Hand Jost Modal Landing Leg UK Complete With Bar & Handle - Pair Holland Landing Leg Kit Jost Modal Landing Leg UK Offside (Driven) Fruehauf Complete Grain Sock (White) Fruehauf Weigher Side Mount Indicator Display Head Without Box MX & Fruehauf Weigher Side Mount Plastic Box 270 x 180 x 126 Including Lid (Replaces Old Slightly Larger Box) NO PLASTIC SCREWS PM On Board Vishay 1155 Indicator Head Canbus AND Analogue Alloy Wheel Rim XLite 11.75 x 22.5 120 Offset Machine Finished 26mm Stud Hole Alloy Wheel Rim MWheels XLite 11.75 x 22.5 120 Offset Polished 26mm Stud Hole Fruehauf Mudwing/Mudguard With White Piping Without Logo JOST Modal Landing Leg Winding Handle - Crank 520 mm With Parking Hook Fruehauf Side Guard Infill