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We stock the largest range and quantity of Fruehauf spare parts in the UK for same day shipping or for collection.

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Newton Trailers Limited - are the largest Tipping Trailer and Walking Floor parts and spares retailer in the UK. We began as Newton Commercials in 1964 and sold our first Crane Fruehauf in 1968. Now as Newton Trailers Limited we work closely with Fruehauf Tipping Trailers of Grantham both as customers and as agents and stock almost every part for every Fruehauf Tipping Trailer supplied into the UK & Eire. Fruehauf models vary in their parts content from each evolution of the trailer from the 1980’s to the 2020’s. Indeed Fruehauf themselves have gone through many company names from Littlejohn and Crane Fruehauf, General Trailers and now Fruehauf Tipping Trailers made in Grantham. However the light brackets on a 1990 Crane Fruehauf ribsider will be different to those on a Fruehauf 2010 plank sider trailer. One of the purposes of this website is to give clear data and explanations for customers to find their Fruehauf parts as quickly and accurately as possible.

Fruehauf’s early systems were based off the classic Bathtub shape body. They now do a very large range of plank sided bodies to suit specific roles from small aggregate to the rare water tight trailers. Many old series Fruehauf parts are of course no longer made at the Fruehauf factory or are now generic to the trailer industry – such as extrusions or axles. We offer both Fruehauf original parts on this website and also pattern parts. We are not trying to pass off ourselves as Fruehauf – we are FruehaufParts powered by Newton Trailers Limited – nor to mislead or miss sell you pattern parts as genuine Fruehauf Parts. If in any doubt please call, ask or email and we can ensure that you are correctly informed.

We have a dedicated parts team who you can call and troubleshoot your problems and purchase your parts. We have on site 8 full time technicians trained in diagnostics and repair of Fruehauf Tipping Trailer equipment.

As a service agent to Fruehauf we are happy to service and supply any Fruehauf part. We can supply small parts up to complete assemblies. We can service and refurbish complete chassis or bodies. If you wish we can remove a complete side wall, loan you a service trailer and put your trailer back onto the road in just 2 days.

We hope you enjoy this dedicated FruehaufParts website and we welcome feedback how to maintain and improve our service to you.

The Fruehauf name belongs to Fruehauf.