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Fruehauf Chassis Side OS Stepframe

Fruehauf Landing Leg Bracket OS R/Hand Jost Modal Landing Leg UK Complete With Bar & Handle - Pair Holland Landing Leg Kit Jost Modal Landing Leg UK Offside (Driven) Fruehauf Complete Grain Sock (White) Fruehauf Weigher Side Mount Indicator Display Head Without Box MX & Fruehauf Weigher Side Mount Plastic Box 270 x 180 x 126 Including Lid (Replaces Old Slightly Larger Box) NO PLASTIC SCREWS PM On Board Vishay 1155 Indicator Head Canbus AND Analogue PM On Board Vishay Side Mount Includes Plastic Box, Alarm, Cables, Lock & Digital Display Bracket (Without Indicator Head) Alloy Wheel Rim XLite 11.75 x 22.5 120 Offset Machine Finished 26mm Stud Hole Alloy Wheel Rim MWheels XLite 11.75 x 22.5 120 Offset Polished 26mm Stud Hole Fruehauf Mudwing/Mudguard With White Piping Without Logo