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Revision Kit 26 Plank

Spare Parts For Keith Walking Floor System - Revision Kits - 26 Plank Version

Revision kits is the name Newton Trailers gives to selling a replacement set or assembly of equipment that allows the customer to refurbish a worn out floor system. It is cheaper to purchase the revision kit than to purchase the spare parts individually. Also a revision kit is more labour effecient - the seals are often supplied installed into the plank, the planks can be pre-drilled and the end caps supplied pre installed. These features of the REVISION kit can save up to 20 hours and prevent total confusion for the first time installer.

Newton are largest sellers of spare parts for Keith Walking Floor Trailer systems. This page is specifically targeted at the floor element of the system consisting of the planks or slats, the side planks, troughs and bearers and nylon gliders. Keith are one of the largest manufacturers of moving floor systems for the horizontal discharge of products.  We are proud to sell original Keith Walking Floor spare parts.


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