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Grain Hatch & Dust Sock

Barn Door or Van Door Spare Parts For Sale Grain Hatch and Dust Sock or Grain Sock

Newton stocks and sells many spare parts for tipping trailers  Barn doors also called Van Doors in the USA are common on steel body tipping trailers, some alloy body trailers . The common parts sold are the barn door hinges, catches and locking mechanisms. Mostly the rear barn doors themselves can be straightened or repaired.

This page is specifically for the dust socks and grain hatches of barn door tipping trailers. There are many different styles as you will discover on the exploded diagrams pages.  The grain hatch is essential a small door within the main door of the trailer. It allows access to sample the product inside or to restrict the flow of the product when tipping. The dust sock or grain sock is a simple tube of tarpaulin that guides the product as it exits the grain hatch. It prevents dust and debris escaping and it allow the product to enter smaller intakes where simply opening the doors and tipping would overwhelm the capacity of the intake.